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Can Default Note Font Be Changed?

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Hi, I've made this change, but it's not taking effect. I really dislike Tahoma (the default Windows font). I've changed the font in the settings, saved, closed and reopened Evernote, but the default font is still Tahoma. Any ideas?

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Jefito: If you're talking about opening up the Windows registry, I don't know how (nor do I really want to fool with) doing that. I shouldn't even /have/ to edit the registry for this change to take effect given that Evernote has included (or at least attempted to include) means to do so within their options. Seems like a bug, to me.

Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I'll be using Tahoma.

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I agree that you shouldn't need to edit the registry to make this change, and wasn't suggesting that; it's really the only means of verifying that the change is being made at all, since that's where the setting lives, but if you're uncomfortable with that, you should probably file a support request. See the link in my signature.

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Yes, thanks for the info! I used Tools >> Options >> Note  . The title of the note is in Tahoma still, which I loathe. Only the text in the body of the note is in my selected font - Garamond. The problem is that I usually only use the titles, as quick reminders. 


So any advice to change the default for the top/title of the note?

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I seem to be having problems with my fonts. I have Tahoma 11 set as as default - which it is on new notes (and in the registry) but every now and again, usually when pasting a link to another note, it changes to something else - usually at 10pt.

I'm on the latest  pre-release build...

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On 10/3/2016 at 5:45 PM, Austin G said:

@RONAR Please select File>Exit after choosing your desired font. Does the default font change change after you relaunch Evernote? 


Though I am glad this works, why would this step be necessary? Is there any way to eliminate the need for it?

I tried to change my default font size from 14 to 12 without exiting and reopening Evernote. The note initially came out saying that the font size was 12. But when I put my cursor in the note area, the font size changed itself to 14, the prior default font size. The same thing happened in reverse when I tried to change the default back to 12.

I guess this isn't the biggest bug of all time, but it is quite a few years old and it would be nice to be able to change font sizes without exiting and reopening the program.

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On 10/30/2012 at 1:42 PM, jefito said:

You should be seeing the change persisted to the registry: key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote, value is: "NoteFontFace". For example, mine now reads "Corbel".

This turned out to be extremely useful as my installation of Evernote was changing the default font back to Tahoma no matter what font I selected in Tools >> Options >> Note

I also noticed that Evernote reads the registry key "NoteFontFace" when the program begins running, and writes back to that registry key on exit; so changing that key was only effective if performed while Evernote was not running.


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