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(Archived) Can't update Evernote on Nook Tablet


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Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble is really slow at updating the apps in their app store. They only update to the final release version in the android app store - so you won't get to try out any betas. It sometimes takes them a few weeks to get the latest version.

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I've been trying to get this update situation resolved since Christmas Day. The Nook HD+ keeps telling me Evernote has an update, and it goes through the same thing ... downloads the update and when I try to install it I'm told that Nook will only install apps bought through the Nook app store (which, of course, is where I downloaded Evernote in the first place).

A lengthy session with Barnes and Noble customer support finally pointed to Evernote, saying that the problem is with the programmers and they need to repair it, it's not B&N's job to do that.

Now I'm hearing the opposite, that all B&N has to do is update the app in their store??

I've just now (Jan 8th) sent Evernote to the cloud and redownloaded it, and it is still the same version I downloaded on the 25th of December, for which I've been receiving an update notice every day.

LOL, just how slow IS Barnes and Noble?? Can't someone at Evernote Central light a fire under their seat or something? :-) Love my Evernote, can't live without it!


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