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(Archived) Note - Copy to Notebook doesn't put you in the new note?



When I've selected a note, choosing Note - Copy to Notebook (which, as far as I know is the only way to "copy" a note), leaves me in the original note, without creating the copy. This seems ... wrong. Presumably if I'm making a copy, I want to work on the copy. At least, the most common reason I've heard for using Copy to Notebook is to have a "Master Template", and then keep using that. I wouldn't want ot edit my master template after copying it, I'd want to edit the copy.

Please tell me that either -

1 - I'm missing another "Copy" option that will not make me go FIND the copy I just made in order to work on it ...


2 - This is a design miss that will be corrected in a future version.

(Obviously, #1 would hopefully come from a forum member, #2 would have to come from an EN employee. I realize that they're generally ... hesitant ... to indicate future functionality. So if one of you wants to just file this away as a feature request, that works for me).

Seriously, users ... am I missing something? Is this not a pain? Are people just not using this option? Is there another "Copy" option (other than copy the text, new note, paste the text) that I'm unaware of? I'm really hoping that someone will point out something that makes me look like an idiot.

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Works the same way in Windows, BTW. Sometimes I want to be editing the new note right away, and sometimes I don't care, because I know I'll come back to it (I might be copying several notes at a time, and I want to focus on that activity). It's usually easy enough to find the new note, so it's never bothered me.

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