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(Archived) (Archived) Does each note have a permalink?

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Notes within your account don't currently have a permalink URL that will work on your desktop computer, but we are planning on introducing "links to notes", which would support this.

If you publish a notebook, each of the notes in the public notebook will have a permalink that can be used to reference that public note, however. For example:


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It would be nice to be able to have a permalink to the web version of an unpublished note (ie. so it could be referenced from elsewhere). A good alternative would be to be able to navigate from a published note to its editable version (subject to login, obviously).

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Well, here it is years later and we still seem to have *no ability* to do real links to notes in the web version.  My understanding is that if you create the link using the desktop app you can then use it online, but you can't *create* a link online. 


This, and a number of other things I've noticed over time that seem like "obvious fixables,"  lead me to believe that the Evernote guys have some commercial preference that we use the desktop app.  There must be some business "goodness" that they don't get from us as well when we work online.


If that's not the case, and there's a better explanation, I'd love to hear about it here.  :-)

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Hi Kip,


Linking works differently online to on the desktop app.  Links created online are http and, when created, make the note accessible to anyone that has the url.  This link can also be embedded in notes in the usual way, but will always display the link in a new browser window, even when invoked from the desktop.


Links created in the desktop app are of special type 'evernote', don't automatically share the note and allow jumping directly between linked notes in both the desktop app and in the web interface.  [update] And in the Android app!


In conclusion, although this behaviour could be regarded as inconsistent, I regard it as a useful feature to have these differences.

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