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(Archived) What is simplest way to type a note from homescreen?


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I do not use notes often but when there is a need, I want the note to be as easy to use as possible. I want to utilize evernote for this but it seems kinda involved just to save a phone number or other simple data. Am I missing something or I doing this wrong?

Currently,from the homescreen it takes one tap to open the program,

another to select new note,

then the note defaults to a title so

another tap to get to the body of the note to begin typing.

then final tap to save

Is there a way to default Evernote (from Homescreen) to open with a new note, with no title and the curser in the body?

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Good question. I got my first Android device for Christmas (Kindle Fire, so "Android"-based, not full-on Android, but still), and am grappling with learning how to use it at all, much less how to use it well.

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Install the widget on your homescreen.

It has a 'new note' button.

It will atleast save one click and some time.

The best is that the 'big' widget allows to go through your notes on the homescreen.

It also allows to start audio and photo note from the homescreen.

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