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(Archived) add notes to different shared notebooks

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I signed up for a premium account with the hopes of being able to use Evernote to collect various business papers between my home and my office. Currently I scan papers that I receive at my home (where I work most of the time) and put them into Evernote. However, my office also receives invoices, statements, and other papers that I would like my assistant to scan in as well. I set her up with a Fujistu ScanSnap and a regular (free) Evernote account. I shared the notebooks that I have already set up, and she can see them fine.

However, when she scans in an item, it automatically gets put into one particular notebook. She cannot drag them into any of the other shared notebooks. For instance, she might scan in a bank statement but it automatically gets put into the "Invoices" notebook. When she tries dragging them into the "Statements" notebook, the program will not allow her to do that. Is there any way around this, or is the program not set up for this function. She does have full access to modify these notebooks, by the way.

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I don't think Evernote allows notes to be dragged between your assistant's notebook (which is where the scans presumably are going) and the notebooks which belong to you, but are shared with her and therefore visible from her account. Changing her account to Premium might fix that - and you could do so for one month just to try this out, and revert back if it's still broke. Alternatively she could maybe tag these notes with "invoice" etc, and you could see whether you can transfer them from your account.

As a more practical and flexible alternative, you can submit notes to your account via email - why not scan to file at her end and then send the files to your Evernote account by email? You can specify the title and the notebook to which the scan should be added in the email subject line.

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I don't have much experience with shared notebooks, but they seem to have various limitations/restrictions. I think gazumped's suggestion is the best one. Just have her email the materials to your evernote account (as gazumped said, you can tag it and direct it to the proper notebook in the subject line of the email). It's quite convenient.

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Tested on Windows client:

You can:

Copy note from shared notebook to personal notebook.

Copy note from personal notebook to shared notetbook.

You can not move a note either to or from a shared notebook.


Note: Changes to shared notebooks via the Windows client requires Windows sync to post the updates to the service.

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