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(Archived) Feature request mobile version

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I would like to see a setting where I can choose what to see first on the mobile edition. By default I now get the latest added notes but it makes more sense in my use of Evernote to let me see the entries of a particular notebook, say next actions.

I wanted to complement the EN people for making a consistent EN experience across the platforms. When I login using the Treo 680 if feels looks and acts pretty much the same.


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I like the "recent" view, as an optional view--though it's not most recently added notes but most recently updated notes. Sort of threw off my mobile mojo when, on my pc, I tagged a bunch of old notes--suddenly, they're all I see on my mobile page.

I completely agree about specific notebooks--as with saved searches (Glad to see them present!) I'd love to see a drop down to select a particular notebook to view. I'd also like to see "view newest" and "most recently updated" split into two separate views. It isn't possible to use the search query to specify a sort order is it? If so I could use some saved custom searches to do it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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