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(Archived) Evernote not responding on My Macbookpro OSX 10.6.8



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I'd avoid the app store version. Try this:

Quit the app from the elephant icon, then drag it to the Trash, quit all other apps, and empty the Trash

Go here http://evernote.s3.a...note_206275.dmg and download an old version, then once installed upgrade directly from the application (Evernote > Check For Updates)

If that doesn't work I'd open a support ticket

Nope, did not work. I'll open a support ticket. Thanks anyway!

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It's alway not responding from many source that I downloaded. From appstore,Evernote website and older version of evernote.

Is it only happen on my Mac? How can I fix it?

What do you mean by not responding? For me, Evernote works well until I make a note with a pdf file, at which point, Evernote stops responding in that I can't read any of my other notes. No amount of uninstalling / deleting preference files seems to fix this problem for me.

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