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(Archived) Cut Selection to clipboard (ctrl+cmd+c) issue



Hello All,

I would like to ask you about Cut Selection to clipboard (Evernote assistance - shortcut: ctrl+cmd+c).

When I am using it on FULL SCREEN safari it works fine - I can move pointer (2 crossed lines) and it works just fine....but this is the case only for Safari in full screen mode.

On every other screen (desktop or mail/itunes full screen) the pointer is frozen or extremally laggy - it moves 1 inch and then nothing. I need to hit esc to release the pointer...

Any ideas?

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Same thing happens for me. A work around (until bug fixed) is to quickly pull the cross hairs down into the browser window BEYOND the top bar of your browser. The cross hairs freeze if you pause at all at the top of your browser. Once the cross hairs are in browser window you can select and past to EN..... just stay away from the top bar. Definitely a bug that needs to be fixed but workable until then.

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