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(Archived) REQUEST: Collect tagged inserts



I use Evernote to take notes in all my meetings and I often find myself inserting a ToDo or other comment in my notes. I would love to be able to delimit these with come character(s) (perhaps double brackets?) and had the indexer collect them into a single note (perhaps with links back to their origin?). This way I could scan a single collection of all my ToDos and comments rather than search through many notes for them.

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I agree with Bregman. I take notes in all my meetings and like having the context surrounding a to-do item. Unfortunately, this great ability to keep detailed notes comes with a real shortcoming related to task management. I would like to see two features:

  1. To compile all to-do items into one view, with most-recently-added at top, and with ability to link back to source for the context
  2. To tag a to-do item, essentially to assign it to someone

If there was one improvement I would make to Evernote, this would be it. Thanks for a great product!

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You can certainly compile all notes containing to-do items into a single view (Evernote parlance; there are three view types on the Windows client, e.g.: Snippet View, Thumbnail View and List View), but the granularity is on a note basis (meaning there's no way of identifying and pulling out individual pieces of notes), and there's no way to treat your selection as anything but a list of discrete notes (meaning that you can't treat it as a seamless whole). If you absolutely must have this functionality, about the best you are going to do, using Evernote that is, is to keep to maintain exactly one to-do item per note.

The usual line is that if you want a To-do list manager, you're better off using a dedicated program for that. Evernote is not such a program, and as far as we can tell, the Evernote folks have no intention of becoming one any time soon. That's not to say that there aren't third-party tools that use Evernote as a back end to do this sort of stuff.

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To tag a to-do item, essentially to assign it to someone

This is another reason to use a single to-do item per note.

It is easy to share the note URL for the specific note and assign it to a colleague.

Multiple to-do's in a single note are more difficult to manage.

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Personally, I would not recommend putting all the To Do items into a single note. But there might be a work around.

The following works in Windows - sorry, but I'm not sure about the Mac.

1.) Left Panel - below Notebooks and below Tags - open the "Attributes" and click on "Contains", then "Unfinished to-do items". This will show you all the notes that contain an unfinished Check Box.

2.) Right click on the "Note List", select "Copy Note Links", then paste into a new note for review. The new note will contain active links to the titles of all notes that have an unfinished check box.

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we know that Evernote has search parameters that you can use from within the Evernote application


However, what we would like is to collect all todo's in one view. So, not all the notes containing the todo's, but a view/generated note with all todo's (just todo, not the note-text.

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No. Evernote works on a note-by-note basis when viewing; it does not have any options to show selected pieces of selected notes together. OK, one thought: if you structured each to-do as one to-do per note, and put the to-do as the very first line of the note, then using a filtered Snippet view might go partway to working around this.

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