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(Archived) getResourceData: Writing image file

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I am trying to write image resource into local system in javascript code using Node.js, the image file is getting saved successfully, but looks like it is corrupted, not able to open it.


var onSuccess = function(resource, transport) {
//console.log("Got Resource: "+resource);
enyo.application.NoteStore.getResourceData(onSuccess,this.showAlertMessage.bind(this, "Failed to get Resource"), inSender.getValue());

showResourceData: function(resource) {
//Calls WriteFileAssistant service
this.$.writeFile.call({ path: "/media/internal/downloads/logo1.png", content: resource });


WriteFileAssistant.prototype.run = function(future) {
var filePath = this.controller.args.path;
var content = this.controller.args.content;

var downloadfile = fs.createWriteStream(filePath, {'flags': 'w',encoding: 'binary'});
downloadfile.write(content, encoding='binary', function(err) {
future.result = { path: filePath, bytes: content.length, error: err };


Please find attached the HEX images of original and downloaded files.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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