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(Archived) Feature Request - New Note shouldn't lose search



Submitted a ticket to support, and eventually heard back that this is working as designed. Thought I'd bring it up here in order to increase visibility.

New note on the Mac automatically reverts your view/search I the default notebook. So if you had an ad hoc search going and wanted to make a quick note based on what you'd found ... Gone. Had a particular note selected that you were reviewing? Gone.

I don't have access to a PC and can't easily get to the web from my phone, do I'm not sure if this is consistent with other platforms or not.

General Request - don't lose the existing search and/or selection when adding a new note. My personal prefetch would probably be to just put the note in the view even though it's not part of the search syntax and not refresh until I'm "done" with the note. If also be OK with a "back" option that went back to the last search and selected note ... There are a number of ways to skin the cat, I'd just prefer not to lose my filters/selections so much.

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Just FYI: on the Windows platform, the New Note operation (Ctrl+N) clears the search, but keeps whatever notebook is selected. On the other hand, Note History seems to retain the previous search criteria, so you can go back to it. You can also pop a current note out into a separate view to retain its visibility if you want. Not sure which, if any, of those capabilities are available on the Mac.

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I believe Mac also keeps the notebook you're searching in (Unless I'm misunderstanding).

The trouble is that we can't always supply the same attributes as your search, since you can do some pretty complex searching. For example you can search for negations. If you did notebook:Awesome -tag:Pizza it isn't clear what we'd try to do. The same goes for inTitle and a few others.

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If I'm in one notebook & click "New Note", I'm moved back to just my default notebook. (So essentially a search for that notebook) ... doesn't track what notebook I'm in, etc. Obviously when I create a new note, it's created in the default notebook without any tags, so it wouldn't be in the view if I'd done a search for a set of tags, text, dates, etc ...

My request would be - stick it in the view anyway. Or at least let me get back to the search & note I was on before I clicked New Note. I hope that makes sense. I don't think I would want the characteristics of my search/filter to be applied to my "New Note" (I can see times when I could ... but overall that seems complicated to design & probably cumbersome in practice) ... I'm happy with a new note with no text or tags in the default notebook ... I just want to be able to create & edit that note without losing the search and/or view I was already in.

Interestingly "Note - Copy Note to Notebook X" doesn't revert the search/view in any way. It just creates a new note without actually putting you in the new note that was just created. Which is actually worse. I'll start a separate thread for that.

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