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(Archived) Cannot view certain attachments (photos) via my Android phone


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This is my first post to this forum - please go easy on me :) First of all, I love the product however it has just scared me half to death , hence this post.

The problem: I had recently added a note. This comprised of a picture attachment and a title. The attached picture had a very important phone number on it. When I fired up Evernote on my Galaxy S2 and went to view this note, it could not display the picture attachment. This obviously freaked me out. When scrolling through my list of evernote notes i could see the thumbnail of the missing attachment but when i opened the note, the attachment was not displayed (I could see a white triangle icon with an exclamation mark inside it, but no error messages. I tried a few other notes and I could not view those attachments either. Notes without attachments could be viewed OK. I tried some of my really old notes and I could view those attachments OK.

I then, in desperation, fired up my netbook and tried the Windows desktop evernote application. This was able to view ALL notes ok. This suggests to me that my evernote database (in the cloud) is fine but I am not sure why I cannot view most of my note attachments via evernote on my galaxy s2.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I did notice recently that my phone memory was almost full and have seen a few evernote sync failures during this time. To fix this I simply deleted some ***** off my phone and then successfully synced evernote. I still have missing attachments though!

How do I get to restore the missing attachments?

Many thanks

I am running the Evernote app on my Samsung Galaxy S2 . The app detail are: Build 213781, Version 3.4.1

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Hi, and welcome to the Forum. I use an S2 and the same version of Evernote with over 6000 notes (and growing). There's no problem for me in seeing the attachments to my notes; so your difficulty is something to do with syncronising your web and 'phone databases. It could be that you were trying to view the note without a network connection, so the phone couldn't load the picture to show to you. If you go to ~settings ~search and storage on your phone and tick the box for "offline search" and then sync the phone, you will download a complete copy of your database - provided you have enough space on the 'phone - and will be able to see that note whether or not you have a network connection.

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Hello and many thanks for taking the time to answer my desperate query. I did fix this issue in the end. After much searching I found a similar situation that another user was experiencing. The advice given to him was, from the phone, log out of Evernote and then log back in again. This seemed to rebuild all the links and I was then able to view the 'missing' attachments.

The network connection was not the cause as I was able to view most of my attachments without issue. It was just a handful of recent attachments that were unavailable. I can't pretend that I understand exactly how Evernote functions but I strongly suspect that the cause of my woes was a corruption of some sort. I also suspect that this was linked to the fact that several recent syncs had failed due to lack of space on my phone.

The main thing is that it is now working 100% correctly and that makes me very happy!

Thanks again for taking the time to reply and Happy New Year to all!



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