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FR: Widget 2x2 of single notes




I also use Colornote which have a feature that makes one able to place a 2x2 widget on homescreen of a specific note, where You can read the first part of the note. When tapped on, the note opens for full reading/edit. Could this be implementet in an future update?




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I also use colour note in addition to Evernote just for the widget displaying the contents of a particular note which I use as my "to do today" list. A link to the list just doesn't cut it.

Is there a way to do this in the updated widget? If not it would be a very useful feature - this is my most frequently used note!


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Thanks for the suggestion, we will see what we can do.

In the meantime, you can use the shortcuts to a note:

- long tap on a note from the list view, select "create shortcut".

- It will create a 1x1 icon on the homescreen, and it will use the picture in the note if there is any.

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YES PLEASE created the one note widget! I used Evernote for everything including my todo-list. I write and store it in Evernote and then I copy it to the Text Memo widget. It would be really useful if Evernote had a widget that only displayed one note.

I would love it to be designed like the text memo widget – where the background is transparent so you can see your homescreen theme behind it, but some user might also want solid color – so maybe both options would be best.

Text memo have many different sizes widget incl. 2x2, would be great for the Evernote One Note Widget to have many sizes available.

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On top of my wishlist!!!

Just joined evernote, but I procrastinated joining evernote a very long time because this functionality was/is lacking.

I really could use widgets that show content and I think everyone can.

A single note widget (scalable) for a e.g. todo-lists.

And equally desireable resizeable scrollable widgets that list multiple notes (like e.g. mail, google reader):

  • With titles (and optionally) titles/content.
  • For books or labels.
  • With a sort order that can be configured.
  • And a button to change settings for that widget.

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+1 on this feature request.

I do exactly the same thing.

Evernote for general note-taking and web clipping, and ColorNote just so that I can display single note widgets on my homescreen.

If Evertnote had the same widget, I would have retired ColorNote long time ago, and kept all my notes in one place.

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