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(Archived) GTD Setup (moved from Windows)

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I have been using my Evernote mainly as as my GTD system. I have the various contexts and a tag to mark things Complete.

I also have a General Reference section where I store and keep key items.

I use only one Notebook and seperate everything by tags

As this has been in use now for 6 months I have an awful lot in the Completed section which is affecting the searches somewhat by bringing back a bit more than I really need as it brings back all old completed tasks.

Now I don't really want to delete all the Completed tasks as they are usefull but not too sure if they are best stored in this notebook anymore?

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for me to consider?



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Find all notes tagged with Complete and move them to a 2nd notebook named Archive

If you don't want them to show up during a search, just add the following to your search


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The GTD setup in conjunction with EN has been discussed here on the board a lot. Use the search function.

You may also enjoy this website, which gives you great hints for a well thought out GTD setup with EN.


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