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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST - new notebook option from webclipper browser extension

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only just started using Evernote with the webclipper - what seemed at first an intuitive app then gave way to frustration -I am amazed that it is limited.

I want to create a new notebook when I am adding a clipping without having to open up the app or the evernote webpage.

this would speed up productivity



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You didn't say which browser you are using. The Chrome clipper will let you select an existing notebook, but you cannot create a new notebook, no. I haven't found this to be much of a problem, in practice, as I don't have or need a lot of notebooks. Often, I just send things to a special Import notebook, and assign tags and notebooks to a bunch of notes in a separate session.

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Jeff, I;m sorry but I completely disagree with you. Especially for new users or those just getting started (ie. the ones who might become premium paid users), I find myself wanting to add a new folder all teh time (from within Chrome). Frankly I can't believe that you can't do this. It is such a huge oversight and it's one of the reasons why I don't use Evernote as often.

So, original author, Ben I completley agree with you and I just dont' know why this option is not available.

irritated Mike

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If it find yourself wanting to add a new notebook "all the time", you will quickly run out of them, since you are limited to 250. You should rely more on tags. Tags vs notebooks has been discussed quite a lot on the board. You should probably read through those threads - you can use the search option.

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