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(Archived) Feature Request - email tagging-pre-processing

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I get a variety of email that I funnel to Evernote for future reference.

Generally this involves, 1) forwarding something from my email inbox to evernote 2) when the note posts on Evernote, I tag it accordingly.

I would like to be able to use 'pre-processor' commands so that the note when emailed to evernote (step 1), would eliminate the second step.

Something like #tag:tag1 #tag:tag2 #notebook:DailyNotes sent in the 'forwarding text'.

The '#' can work as a pre-processor command for evernote. . this would save me a great deal of time since I would not have to in go to Evernote to complete the posting. It would also save a lot of processing time on the Evernote servers, since I then don't have to go to evernote, open the note, tag it, move it to an appropriate notebook & then sync it.

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