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(Archived) Possible to add notes to a shared notebook

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Hi there,

I have just a quick question: I would like to take a premium account and share a notebook to non-premium accounts. I read that they can modify items in it, but can they also add notes to it? I would like to use this notebook for documentation of company information where people can add notes at will. Do we all need premium accounts or does one suffice?

Thanks, Tom

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We've all made the point previously however that while Evernote is good for remembering and one-to-many sharing to disseminate information, once you start to get others out there changing the shared notes, you will quickly fall over time zones and the different rates at which child platforms will update the information. If user B changes something and user C doesn't have an updated version when s/he makes more changes, the server will quickly start to fill the "conflicting changes" notebook with different versions of the same notes. Evernote is good for lots, but not for active collaboration. Use something which is updated in real time, like Sharepoint, or a Wiki.

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