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Tracking eStatements as the arrive


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In a continued effort to go paperless, I've started to setup online billing with many utilities. This means that instead of getting a bill in the mail, the send a PDF of it to my email account.

I've just setup a sweet relationship between my Gmail workflow and Evernote to handle these bills effortlessly and automatically.

Have a read for the full how-to on what I did here: http://www.cloudproductivity.net/how-to-track-ebills-with-evernote/

Comments and feedback are always welcomed!

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Great tip! Unfortunately many of my statements and bills don't come in the body of the email or as attached PDFs - most of my vendors make me visit their site and login to view the full bill. Argh!

Depending on which client is used, Print to PDF might work, if it's single page. Locate the PDF output into an Evernote import folder and you skip a step.

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I've been using a new cloud service/software combo called FileThis Fetch (http://filethis.com/fetch/) that pulls the PDFs for you and puts them directly into Evernote or into the folder of your choice on your computer. You do have to give them your login credentials for your various sites, but if you're ok with that, then this can be a real timesaver, as it automatically fetches new statements/bills/etc. without you having to do anything.

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