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(Archived) What Task Project Mgt apps are integrated with EN the best?


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I use one but there's no connection to Evernote.

It'd be cool to find one whereby you had project related notes right in the app itself!

IOS has a few, am going to check in Android.

Can anyone save me the trial and error?!


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The best app I've found so far for this is Nozbe. They have apps for ios, android, mac, windows, and web. The setup is pretty good, but some of the apps are pretty buggy. I have the windows version but the web version is more capable so that's what I end up using most of the time. The Android version looked great but turned out to be so buggy as to be unusable. This may have changed in the last few months though.

The nice thing about Nozbe is that for each project, any Evernote notes that are tagged with the project name are automatically pulled in and can be viewed within Nozbe. You can also pull in dropbox files and box.net files. You can try the service for free with up to five projects. If you need more than that you'll have to pay for a subscription.

Best of luck,


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