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(Archived) Wish: narrower margins on shadowed window Snaps

Ward Clark

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I've been a Snapz Pro X user since 2003. When I discovered Skitch in 2008, I used it only when I wanted to annotate a screenshot. Recently, I've been using Skitch for nearly all screenshots.

I was pleased to find Skitch, like Snapz, can add shadow borders to full-window snaps. But I'm disappointed with Skitch's wide shadow margins. See the attached screenshots to see the difference between the Skitch and Snapz shadows.

When I snap a window to include in documentation, I've gone back to Snapz Pro X.

-- Ward



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I have a related problem with shadows. In earlier versions, an added shadow faded completely at the edge of the added margin.

This is good.

In the current version, the shadow is cut off by the added space, leaving abrupt edges on the shadow.

This is not good.

One can expand the margin manually, which does allow the shadow to fade to nothing.


Extra fiddly step.


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