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(Archived) Does the pin code encrypt the notes on your SD card?


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Before I spring for premium service in order to get offline Android notes, I'd really like to know if the pin code that protects EN on Android really does anything.

I mean, it hardly matters if a nefarious user needs to enter a pin code to run the app when they can just pop-out the SD card and read the XML files.


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I have just got Android 4.0.3 on my Nexus S. In this version of Android it is possible to encrypt your whole data (accounts, settings, apps, data of apps, media and other) with a pin or a passphrase. When you encrypt your data (there is a hint that this process takes more than an hour) then every time when you start your phone you have to enter this pin or passphrase. I have not tried it but it seems that also the sd-card will be encrypted (the Nexus S hat a built in 16 GB sd-card).

I think this is what you need.


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That is REALLY good to know. I've already noticed that after reading a note on my Android device the XML note file is cached on the SD card and can be read in plain text when the phone is in airplane mode.

Is Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich?

You wouldn't happen to know how long before a roll out onto Verizon's newer handsets like the Thunderbolt? (...braces for impact...)

Yes, this is a feature of Android 4, not Evernote.

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