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(Archived) How do I get Evernote for Android to completely avoid the SD card?


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I have a Droid Incredible which has a ton of internal storage space. I currently have 6 GB of free space internally. Because of this, I have just a 4 GB SD card. In my Evernote settings, I have "Evernote files on sdcard" unchecked, assuming this means that my Evernote files will not be on my sdcard.

Then, I got a notification this morning in my notification bar saying that "Evernote does not have enough space on the sdcard for...." Why is Evernote putting anything on my sdcard? What can I do to force Evernote to use my internal storage space?

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Did you ever get an answer to this question? I've cleared up more and more space on my SD card and it seems no matter how much space I clear, I get this same message as well (Insufficient space on SD Card"). I've cleared the cache and history repeatedly. Then I unchecked the Evernote filed on SDCard option in "Search and Storage" Settings but still get this same error throughout the day.

I'd like to not store Evernote on my SD card but if I have to then I want to know what amount of storage is necessary so I don't have to get this message every hour. Yeah, I changed it to only update very hour simply so I wouldn't have to get that damn message all day long! I have

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