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(Archived) Feature Request: insert date button

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i'm new (very new) to evernote. but i'm giving it a whirl. i'm evaluating Alpha Journal 3 for my needs, and it's a nice little app. i'm a systems administrator, and want to keep a 'log' of my daily activities. sort of a diary, sort of a journal. evernote may fill the bill. *however*, rather than creating a new note for each and every task i perform in a given day (which may amount to dozens), i'd rather prefer to create one note per day, and insert the date/time on each new task i enter. alpha journal made that easy with just a simply button you'd click, it'd insert the current time (or date and time if you preferred), and you could then type your entry.

perhaps i'm overthinking it, and should instead just create one note per task i perform. i suppose i can give that a try - but either way, it could be nice to have a feature to easily drop the current time into a note...

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What are you talking about?

If I press I do get the date and time, but I only want the date. If I press , it undoes the date and time, as per Windows convention. How are you getting it to only remove the time portion?

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I use TextExpander on my Mac - lets you create keyboard shortcuts for text that you enter often like date or your email signature or even words that you always spell incorrectly.

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+1 for Android

There are work arounds that work good in windows I use "AutoHotKey" for a custom format ( 2012-08-20 07:56 AM) . but I don't have a way to quickly insert date and time on Android. There is currently nothing on the menu button when editing. I would be happy to see something there or an Icon.

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