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(Archived) Why not allow China user install it?


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I'm a China user,when I update Evernote for Android in a few days ago. The Evernote for Android auto uninstall !! And it disappear in Android Market. And when I in Android Market download it, also can't. If I come Evernote.com ,the download url will rewrie to Android Market!!

So,how can i do?

Why Evernote.com will remove the download ?

Please give me a answer. Thanks!

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You should be able to download Evernote on the Android Market again.

We have create a separate version which has exactly the same features but the in-app billing.

It is now considered as free by Google, and thus, can be distributed everywhere.


The problem with this version of Evernote is that it's not recognized by Skitch and therefore is not able to send a drawing to it.

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