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(Archived) Mac: Clipper and 3.0.5 failing?



Anyone else having a problem with Clipper and 3.0.5 not working at all? (new iMac, 10.6.8, Chrome).

I did the upgrade - about 3 hours ago - and just now noticed that when I use Clipper and try and clip an article, URL or full page, I get the initial little dialog ballon, I can enter tags and select what to try and clip and then when I do that, the balloon simply shrinks down to a no text in it size and then nothing happens. I have notifications on, and nothing happens there. It was working great yesterday and this is the same workstation. I did confirm I am signed in.

I am using Chrome, and have not looked into whether or not there was a silent update for that at the same time.

Help! I'm hip deep in class planning and this is really good feature!

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My issue is resolved, but oddly in two ways on two different machines.

Main workstation: uninstalled and then reinstalled the clipper extension. Seems to have worked. But see next one.

Laptop: I got it working after I uninstalled the Chrome Delicious extension. Odd, and here I did NOT uninstall/reinstall the Clipper extension. I note that in the Main Workstation above, I first uninstalled, and have not REinstalled, the same Delicious extension. I plan to try that and will report if it fails again.

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