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(Archived) Web clipper with multiple accounts



Hi all - I'm relatively new to evernote. We have two accounts running on my mac (one for me and one for my husband) and use evernote switcher to easily navigate between the two.

However, we can only seem to send things via web clipper to one of the accounts (the first one we set up). There doesn't seem to be an obvious way to change the account web clipper is associated with?

This is so frustrating as it means my husband can't seem to use web clipper with his account.

Does anyone know how we can get round this?

Kind regards


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Well you are using Evernote in an unsupported fashion and so it's not all that unexpected that all features won't work.

You could use different browsers and associate each clipper to an individual account.

Or you could set up separate accounts for you and your husband and fast account switching in OS X and use Evernote as it is intended to be used.

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At least with Chrome, you can sign out and sign back in, so you can clip to multiple accounts in the same browser by putting up with the hassle of signing in each time you start an internet session. (Just sign out now, and then when you sign in in the future, don't click the "Remember this account" or equivalent button.)

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