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(Archived) OCR recommendation for Evernote?

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OK, I know that Evernote can recognize text in pictures.

However, what I'd like to do is to take pictures of manuals, convert them to text using some OCR program, and then put the text (not images) into Evernote. I know I could just upload the pictures to Evernote's servers, but (1) the pictures are large (3-4+MB) and my upload bandwidth is limited; and (2) Evernote's OCR isn't perfect. I'd rather not fill up my notebook with 3-4MB images when only a few Kbytes will do. Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced OCR program (<$200), if one even exists?

Alternatively, perhaps the Evernote servers could make the image-extracted text available to premium users? I have a premium account, and wouldn't mind doing basic OCR fixup.

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