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It is currently available as an App for iOS and Android. Maybe I'm missing something, but I'd like to see this available for download to the Windows Client.

If my wife gets this app, she will be telling me how much money she saved on all her new purchases.

I watched the video and was surprised at how quickly the screens popped up. For instance, the shot by the 8:11am alarm clock does not show the "loading" circle or the synchronization delay. After watching it a 2nd time, I realized that there were a lot of well-positioned video cuts to give the impression of speed.

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I signed up/authorized Evernote via the web link.

Created a test note via Evernote Web client in the newly created WatchList notebook and almost immediately had an updated note with the ShopAdvisor results.

Using it strictly from the Evernote Windows client would require two syncs.

- Sync to service to make the new watch request available to ShopAdvisor

- Sync from service to get results in updated note

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Just tested adding "Watch" tag to new clip. By the time I got over to the the web client to check the new clip ShopAdvisor had already created a new results note AND updated the original note with a link to the new note. The service/app must be using the new Evernote push notifications. Efficient and low latency.

Don't think I will actually do this again. The newly created note both had an "Oops" from ShopAdvisor and was rendered very poorly.

Best results come from creating a new note with a good product name in the title in the WatchList notebook.



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You are correct. ShopAdvisor does use the efficient Evernote push notification.

It will only once, update a note when it either tagged with a "watch" or placed in the WatchList notebook.

ShopAdvisor tries first to see if the subject/title of the note contains product information if not it will look for product name or relevant URL in the body of the note. If it finds it then, ShopAdvisor does its magic and update the note with product information (prices, description, pictures, research, reviews, price history...).

In your case, it seems that ShopAdvisor could not identify a valid product information. Unfortunately it created an Oops note with a formatting issue. Thank you for reporting it. We are fixing it as I'm writing this post.

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Thanks for the update Lior.

Not surprised that a contextually rich note would give ShopAdvisor's parser some discomfort. Good to see that you are a making the error report in that case readable.

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