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(Archived) Archiving stuff, removing old reference materials

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I use evrnote on iPad most if the time so I don't use sub-tags and sub-notebooks.

The way I use evernote is for project specific support and general reference. Some notes go to both places. Project specific support have special tags like /prj- rnd media consumption.

" /Prj- " prefix means it's an active project.

"/sd Prj- " means it's someday project.

"/x prj- " means it's completed project.

For general reference I simply a-z tagging system. For example I use tags like "photos", "itunes", "gtd", "mind map", "raw food" and so on.

All tags are just in a flat list basically.

Active projects are at the top, then someday projects, then archived projects, then general reference tags.

Sometimes this super simple flat structure is not enough. For complex topics I use mind mapping and link to those mind maps from evernote. I would just store the mind maps but I don't because of ios limitations (you can open those maps only as separate new file in a mind mapping app then, and would have to send it back and forth all the time to keep it current)

There is no way to search specifically for tags on iPad. You can only navigate tag list by alphabet. It's actually nice, however searching for tags specifically like on the latest desktop version would've been SO useful.

This all leads to a problem when you eventually create too many tags so that it takes too long to scroll through them.

It would've been useful if tags were notebook specific. So for example I would create a notebook for completed projects for each year. This way I wouldn't have to see all tags for archived projects all the time.

I really like evernote but I always run into some limitations when I use it. Especially on the iPad where I use it 99% of the time. Even web version is MUCH more powerful and convenient than a native app.

I have to simplify my organization system as much as possible which is actually a good thing most if the time but sometimes it also actually makes things overly complex.

My question is what's the best way to archive some stuff? For example some project support which is no longer relevant. Do you do it all?

I know I can export notes and then delete them but I would end up with a file which I would have to import back just to check what tags were there. This is so unconvenient that I might just as well delete stuff without archiving anyway.

I'm considering a separate evernote account for archived stuff at the moment.

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I use three "top level" tags for projects: .Active Project, .Inactive Project, and .Completed Project. Each project gets one of these tags plus a tag with the name of the project. Once the project is complete, I can find it by searching for the project name or by "browsing" through the .Completed Project tag (or searching the tag plus key words.)

I also pre-pend tags with Area of Focus. So a "new blog" project for my ABC business would have the tag ".ABC-newblog". An advertising project might have the tag, ".ABC-ads". Tags sort alphabetically so this allows me to find them easier. (Projects have a "." before the name; reference items do not, so if I have notes about advertising for my ABC business, the tag might be "ABC-ads".)

I hope this gives you a couple of ideas. I don't have an iPad so I'm not sure if this will work for you. Let me know what you think.


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Thanks, this is pretty much what I do too with " /Prj- " prefixes.

" /Prj- " active project.

"/sd Prj- " someday project.

"/x prj- " completed project.

It helps and works really well but still I don't want to generate endless amount of compeleted project tags so I'm looking for a good way to archive them and move out of sight completely.

The same is true for some general reference tags.

I kind of don't want to keep everything forever in evernote. I want to keep it clean and relevant.

I'm using it for a very long time, some years, and from my personal experience I've realized that storing everything forever is not useful. Some things I do want to store forever and some I don't.

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