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(Archived) Sync Evernote from a shell script



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Evernote does expose a "synchronize" verb via AppleScript but it returns immediately so there's no way to know when the sync has competed.

It looks like the Windows version has command line argument support which allows a sync to be scripted from DOS. Seems like a good feature for OSX…

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I think it's time Applescript was warmed over again. Including this one and the ability to delete and update notes. I know Evernote have been leery of overwriting stuff or deleting it by a program. I don't share their leeriness: It's more annoying to have to manually delete old versions of a note when I update it - as some Applescript code I wrote does.

I also think the ENScript function in Windows is much nicer than the Applescript function: I could see value in a scripting language choice. Ruby or Python anyone? (Yes I know you can interop with Applescript but it's jumping through hoops.)


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??? Are you kidding? ENScript is useful, sure, but it's very primitive. Biggest weakness in my eyes is that you can't deal with single notes, or modify existing notes. If I really were looking for better scripting, I would probably aim for Python. In Windows, I'd also think that having PowerShell support would be cool; I've been dabbling with it for some work-related tasks, and it's is pretty powerful.

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