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(Archived) Clip text without creating a new Note in Chrome Extension


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Is there a way to clip text on web pages into a note instead of creating a new note in the selected notebook every time we clip the text.

Eg: I want to clip the words or just a few sentences which makes sense in an article I read. When I clip the text (in present Chrome Extension),it shows me the notebooks to be selected in which a new note will be created for every word or sentence which is really annoying. The same thing for different articles,can't save them in same note through Google extension.

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No. But there are a couple of workarounds.

1. Copy and paste into existing note via web or desktop client. Might help to pop out the target note to a new window.

2. Use Merge notes after the fact to create a single note from the clips.

I do something like this when I want to add selected comments to an article clip. e.g.

- Pop out new article clip from web client

- Edit mode for note

Then for each comment I want to append

- Select and copy <Ctrl+C> comment from source

- Click target note then

-- <Ctrl+End> to position to end of note

-- <Shift+Enter>, Click horizontal line tool,<Shift+Enter> to create separator for comment

-- <Ctrl+V> to paste copied comment

Repeat as needed. Save when done.

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