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Hi, folks.

I started using evernote as my external brain available anywhere within the reach of signals.

Here, I request a feature.

In Word, if you type"*" in the new line and press space, then type something you want it to be bulleted list, when you hit "enter" key, Word automatically makes a bulleted list. This is useful!

Also, if you want to make a numbered list, type "1." and press space and start typing, then you can make a numbered list. But it seems there is no functions like this on evernote for Mac.

Please include those features in the next version!

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I can't speak to the Mac Evernote shortcuts, but in the Windows Evernote client, Ctrl + Shift + B toggles bulleting, so the '*' + space thingy isn't strictly necessary. There may be an analogous shortcut on the Mac Evernote client.

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