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(Archived) can not create a new note on android - please wait till default notebook is synced


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when I try to create a new notebook on my android device, i get "create note error" - please wait till default notebook is synced to the device".

i manually sync and still get this error. I can create a new notebook in windows 7 and that syncs to the device.

the version on the htc thnderbolt android - build 207341 version 3.3.1 (public) network operator: 31000 / verizon wireless.

the windows version - (209040) public

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I have the exact same problem the last couple days on Samsung Galaxy Ace. Tells me cannot create a new note until sync is complete, sync has started or I manually sync but still cannot create new notes...?

Update : I signed out and back in to the app and it seems ok now...

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We think we have fixed the problem that led to your device getting into this bad state in our latest beta, but just for our info, did you change your password on your account recently?

Logging out and logging in will resolve the issue once it is in the bad state.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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I installed EN on my Android Samsung Galaxy a couple of days ago and can access my account on the web but when I try to create a note on my Galaxy, it gives the error "Create Note Error - please wait until the default notebook is synced to the device." I enabled my wifi and also signed out and back in again. I receive the same error. Should I uninstall and re-install or are there settings I have overlooked?

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Sync continues to fail. I have checked the sync settings (every 15 minutes) and also checked the sync on power up option, shut down and restarted. Shows sync failed so I'm sure it has never synced. I also looked at the discussion for sync failed issues but don't see something that will apply. Ideas?

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If it's never synced, then the message makes sense. Think you need to open a tech support request. See the link in my signature -- hopefully support can help straighten your problem out.

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