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How do you use Evernote for finding the perfect gift?

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  • I keep everyone's sizes in Evernote
  • If I see something in a magazine or add, I scan it & put it in Evernote. Can't tell you how many times, when I can't find the item, I've just pulled the ad/catalog photo up on my phone & tell a clerk, "this is what I'm looking for."
  • What with all the body lotions, moisturizers, shaving creams, etc, I take a photo of the stuff my husband likes, so I don't have to guess whether it's the moisturizer or the after shave that he prefers. Same with my mom & her face creams.
  • When researching an item on the web, I will screen cap the various options. IE, do I think they'd like this brand of martini glasses or that brand? Here's where I can get brand A & the price & here's where I can get brand B & the price.
  • Last year, I bought my husband an electric drum set. I knew nothing about drums. But I screen capped the options in my price range as well as the various reviews. Turns out the set I decided to get was in stock at my local Best Buy...but a LOT more money than Amazon. So I took the shipping dimensions & measurements & calculated how much it would be to return them to Amazon, should he not want to keep them. I included the math I did & screen caps of the shipping estimate from the UPS website. I could then mull it over as to which way I wanted to go.
  • When buying something say for the house, that may need to fit into a certain space, I put the measurements the item must meet in Evernote.

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I like to think of it as an ongoing project throughout the year. I clip things that i come across all the time. Everything gets put into a "buy later" notebook. When Christmas time comes around I go through the notebook. Sometimes I add a tag with the name of the person I had in mind for the particular item. This is useful since sometimes a it will be months (or even years) before I go back to a note so it's good to have some context of who exactly I was thinking of when I clipped it.

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I have a "Gifts" notebook. It is a shared notebook with my husband and I clip things I find online during the year or lists of things that have been requested by our kids (when I sent out their Christmas list to family, I emailed a copy to myself). I name each note with the person it's for and what the gift is. I have also started to keep a list of things (knitting supplies, DVDs) that I would like so my husband knows what I "need". He also created a note of things he'd like and shared it with me because he is, without a doubt, the single most difficult person in the world for which to buy a gift.

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