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(Archived) Clipping Feature Not Working



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I experience the same thing but there is a simple workaround. The clipping feature "freezes" when the cross hairs are at the TOP of your browser/window. Once you click on the feature "Clip rectangle or Window to Evernote" immediately drag the cross hairs into the window of your browser and select the area you want to clip to Evernote. If you delay in doing so it will freeze but by moving immediately into the browser window you are able to clip. Hope this helps.

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Same on FF 9.0.1 on both a MBA and iMac. Usually the crosshairs freeze completely. Sometimes they are just very sluggish

@TAD's fix doesn't work for me. As soon as the crosshairs cross the plane of the browser window they almost always freeze, regardless of how fast they are moved. Seems to be a little more forgiving in perfect vertical movements, but as soon as a right/left move is detected the freeze will always occur.

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I was having the same problems as everyone else using Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro. While Tad's suggestion DID work for me...you have to move reallyfast after clicking the Click Rectangle option...it shouldn't have to be that way. I'd suggest the bug be corrected.


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I finally got a response to a ticket and was told ... "it must be a bug." Thanks Evernote. Over 1,200 people already knew that it's a bug.

On previous versions of Firefox, the work around has been to "move the cursor really really quick" and you can trick it into not sticking/freezing.

This will actually work in some cases and worked for a short period of time for me as well.

After upgrading to Firefox 9, the problem came back and this workaround stopped working.





The new Beta version of the Mac desktop software seems to have fixed this problem.

The Beta version I have installed is Version 3.0.6 Beta 2 (215813).

I have been using it with Firefox 9.01 on an Intel i3 iMac running OSX 10.7.2 and have not had any problems at all.

Let's hope whatever they did or didn't do in the Beta programming, sticks for the final release. Fingers crossed.

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