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Speeding up the Evernote workflow


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I'm a huge evernote fan and would like to share a few quick tips I've been using to get the most out of evernote by making you workflow more efficient.

I've actually written a blog article that goes into 5 of these tips. You can find it here: http://www.cloudproductivity.net/5-tips-to-save-time-in-evernote/

Oh and I've just downloaded Hello and Food... they're going to be awesome!! Love it!



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Thanks for the tips. I am not sure they all speed things up, but it is always nice to have screen shots of functions. One thing I'd like to see is why you do these things.

Why do you strike through text? Why do you use tags? I think if people knew why things in Evernote are useful, they might be more interested in using the service.

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Another tool that I like that really works well to speed up getting information into Evernote is ScanDrop. It helps streamline the process of getting paper into Evernote, and saves a bunch of steps, as you can tag and select what notebook you'd like your scans to go into right when you're creating your scan. Handy!

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"Save PDF to Evernote" appears as on option in the Print Dialog window.

In the lower left corner there is a drop-down that shows "PDF".

Click this drop-down and you should see "Save PDF to Evernote."

But in what application? My PDF viewer doesn't have that selection.

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Not in the PDF Viewer. In the app of the source document, like your web browser.

In the case of Chrome, you have to select the link to the native print dialog AFTER choosing PRINT in Chrome.

But the pdf viewer (Adobe Reader) is the app of the source document.

But even in Chrome, that option is not available to me.

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I had the issue where the Save PDF to Evernote option wasn't appearing for me too. Make sure you're running the latest version. Try a clean install (completely delete evernote, reboot, then re-install), or contact support (that's what I did).

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