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(Archived) Offline notes don't display

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I use Evernote on a MacBook, an iPad, and an iPhone. Much of the time I don't have any internet access (traveling on a sailboat), so I value the offline notebook feature. When offline, though, I find that the content of some notes doesn't display (altho the header is still visible.) It seems as if the content that doesn't display was loaded from an image (scanned or photographed on the iPad or iPhone) or was a PDF loaded into the content area. Images loaded with text from web pages does seem to display.

What do I need to do to build notes that will display offline reliably?

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You do need to make sure you sync all the notes down, when you have a connection. If you go to the offline notebooks screen, it should show you the size of the notebook & either the size that's downloaded locally (if they differ) or "done". If the two sizes differ, then it's not downloaded all the notes to your device.

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I just came across this thread and I too have this problem. I only use the offline notebooks on my iPad and even though in the status it shows that the entire notebook in downloaded I find that it only displays some of the notes ... or at times just the header and not the note content.

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