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Feature Request : Custom sort order


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Resurrecting this thread since I've found a workaround for this that works ok.  (Not great, but ok.)


Basically I created a group of tags called Sort.  (Or actually /Sort, since all my parent tags start with slashes.)  Under that, I have the tags !0, !1, !2, !3, etc.  Next, I view a set of notes in list view and sort by tag.  Whichever one I want to put at the top, I click on, press F3 to edit the tags, and enter !1.  The one I want to be second, I enter !2, etc.


This is far from ideal.  First off, any untagged notes go to the very top, so if you have untagged notes (I do), you just ignore anything above the first ! when doing this.  (Or choose your workaround of choice.  Add an 'untagged' tag if you want, or whatever.  I find ignoring them fine though.)  Second, it works alright for putting them there, but re-ordering is a pita.


That said, I have found it somewhat handy when I have a set of notes and I just want to 'sticky' a couple to the top briefly.  Can be used to create a short, ordered to-do list of notes, for example.  I've got a GTD system set up inside my evernote, but even within a given priority level, sometimes I just want to visually lay out: I'm going to do this, then this, then that.  This method works for that.

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