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Saw the news today about the addition of the Favorites Bar in EN Windows. That news said the Favorites Bar is already in the Mac version. I can't find it. See it nowhere. Searching help reveals nothing. Can't drag an often used note to any toolbar. I've been using EN forever and would love to use the features of the Favorites Bar. What am I missing here?

EN 3.0.5 on Snow Leopard

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You need to be running Lion.

Why? This is totally bizarre to me -- I have 3.0.5 on Snow Leopard (no favs) and 3.0.3 on Lion (favs bar).

Seems more costly to maintain separate EN branches for Lion vs. Non-Lion Macs -- it's hard to imagine that the Favs bar feature requires some special feature of Lion!

The lack of consistency between Mac/Win is _somewhat_ understandable, but between Mac O/Ss? Argh.

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I may be wrong, but I think that they are using a control supplied by the operating system and so that is why it is Lion only.

Can any Evernote staff confirm or deny this is the reason, and let us know whether those of us using Snow Leopard should ever expect the favorites bar?

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I came to the forums to suggest a favorites feature for regularly used notes in a large library and those of us with awful memories where a word search wastes time, and came across this.  

Turns out we can star notes on iPhone app but not for iPad or desktop (5.0.5).  I'm running Lion too (10.7.5).  Am I missing something???

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