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(Archived) Feature Request: Tag shortcuts on homescreen


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I use Evernote for Android everyday, and I'd like to be able to jump directly to a specified tag or notebook from homescreen

The note shortcut already exists, but it's not enough :(

I currently use a third-party app to do this, but i'd love to see it built-in in Evernote


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You may want also to try the new widget we are working on, currently available in beta and very soon on the market.

Not only you can pin a specific list, but also see the first 3 notes directly from the phone homescreen.

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I'm on a transformer prime with the latest version of Evernote and I followed the steps above and couldn't get this to work. I selected a tag and was brought to a grid view with 35 notes on it, I then clicked the menu button and created a shortcut that was auto titled "Notes tagged ???". but when I click the new shotcut that was created it just shows me a grid view with all of my notes. Any ideas?

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