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(Archived) [bug] - editing in landscape mode


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I have a simple (just text), but longer (85kB) note file in latest EN, running on Android 2.3.5

I tried to edit the text holding the device in landscape mode, but every time I click to the bottom of the text (this I where I'd continue writing) to edit, not the proper part is not displayed.

That is: I try to edit the text at 100% (at the end point) but when goint into edit mode, the last row it displays is at around 70% of the note.

When rotating the device back to portrait mode, I immediately see exactly where I touched and allows me to edit the right section (at the end, actually).

Hope my symptom is comprehensible.

Please fix this bug.


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This isn't really a bug in evernote, rather a bug with android. Try this when on the browser editing long text in landscape mode the same thing happens on the browser.

What happens is that android resizes the screen and the content to be edited in their box text editor. The reason why portrait mode doesn't do this is because android doesn't change the editor to the closed off text one because there is enough space.

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