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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST :: Default settings for notes.

Ciarán Lawlor


This is one for users with visual impairment or minor learning/reading difficulties.

Clearly allows us to choose custom view options when we click the clearly button in Chrome, by which I mean that I can choose to have white text on a dark blue background, or whatever other combination I find easiest to read. This can be quite an issue for some people who find it difficult to read dark text on a bright screen, and clearly does a great job of facilitating those people.

However, when I clip a note, with clearly or otherwise, or even when I start a new note in the Mac App, it would be great if I could choose similar settings for the note as those available in clearly.

Obviously, it would be best to be able to set different defaults depending on where the note is coming from.

This sounds like something that would be relatively easy to implement.



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Questions are not factual.

Trying to decipher those (sarcastic? superior?) questions, if I understand your point correctly, then you're saying that because Evernote deploys across several platforms and has a complicated code base, implementing the feature request would not be easy.

This seems a rather bland, and unspecific contribution to the discussion. Is there anything about this request that makes it more difficult than many others?

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None of us have any notion of the full scope of changes that would be needed. You made the original assertion that it's something that could be easy to implement. Was that just a guess? Because of Evernote's architecture and support of a fair number of clients, adding certain features may not be as easy as they may seem.

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