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Genius Scan vs. JotNot

Tom M.

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I've read a lot of posts here about each of these products... and quite honestly am now confused as to which one is better... JotNot Pro or Genius Scan

Has anyone done any extensive testing and can recommend one over the other... for use on an iPhone and then import to Evernote of course.


Tom :)

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I did a post comparing the two (and a few others) that you might find useful here: http://www.documentsnap.com/iphone-document-scanning-app-smackdown/.

For myself, I find that I tend to use both. If it is something where I just want to do a quick capture, I tend to use Genius Scan. I personally find the process a bit faster.

If I want to enhance the quality a bit and have more control over the look of the results, I use JotNot.

So, not sure if "both" is the answer you were looking for, but that is what I do.

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