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(Archived) For our needs, Evernote beats the pants off iCloud

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[Off-topic: For 10 years, we used Windows and synced files to HP iPaqs - remember those? Heck, they still make iPaqs, I think.]

Anyway, we're a "Mac household" now. Each of us has an Evernote account. Also, each of us has a Gmail account and an Appleid for iTunes/iCloud. We've tried'em all. For our word processing needs, Evernote wins, hands down.

Google Docs on an iPad? Forget it: don't hold yer breath. Using iCloud? Whatta groaner or yawner, depending on how you (we, anyway) look at it; and possibly file-destructive, too, if you ever sign out on your laptop. BTDT. iTunes? Watch what you sync, but keep up with your syncs. Problematic.

Evernote? Straightforward, surprisingly powerful, *fast*, and spot on for what we need. Evernote knew cloud before "cloud" became a cute word.

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A lot of people are going to be ditching Evernote for iCloud notes sync this summer

hi. welcome to the forum!

could you elaborate on your prediction? as i understand it, the notes will sync through icloud across your devices. this is a huge improvement for ios and a welcome one at that. but, you could have done the same thing with plaintext or simplenote over the past few years. i suppose new ipad users might naturally fall into it, and not get around to downloading evernote, but don't you think anyone wanting to save web pages, pdf files, emails, etc. and organize them will still find evernote to be far superior?

more broadly speaking, i think apple is really poor at organization. it's almost like they are anti-organization. not in the way i am, lazy and not wanting to mess around too much with files and folders, but in the more anarchic way of relying entirely on spotlight / finder stuff and just tossing everything in there pell-mell. as a concrete example (ios is too easy a target) when i upgraded to lion all of my favorites in finder disappeared. lol. this is so different than windows.

anyhow, evernote is about organization and collection. i don't see notes being that way, icloud or not.

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IMO, Evernote and iCloud are apples and oranges.

The purpose of iCloud is to transparently sync files, email, calendar across all your iDevices.

Unlike Evernote, it is NOT an end-user app to create, collect, and retrieve your memories.

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