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(Archived) Sharing Specific EverNote Notebooks

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*Newbie Alert* - first post so go easy :-)

I work in an office with one assistant. I am frequently out of the office but we both use EverNote. I would like for her to have access to one of my Notebooks where she can read and have the ability to add content to it. That way, if I am working out of our LA office she can attach vertain docs and make specific notes that I can access from my EverNote.

Currently, the only way I know that we can do this is if she logs into my evernote and makes changes. But, I don't want her to have acccess to *all* my notebooks.

Am I missing something? Is this already possible?

Guy Gadois

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I was thinking of the same thing. I would think that this could be very valuable for business users.

I would love to see collaborative notebooks that could be made public, too. An online community that I am active in was thinking about a collaborative project at one time that Evernote would have been otherwise perfect for. If you could add a public collaborative notebook to your account, then it would make it really easy and convenient for online communities to make a searchable compendium of information about the subject of their interest/hobby/obsession and without having to deal with the technical stuff involved with setting up a web app.

Evernote could then also create a directory to encourage visitors to stick around (and see what all Evernote can do), and once Google indexed the public notebooks there would be lots of new traffic.

Something like that may already be in the works, but I thought of it some time ago and it just got my imagination running. This version of Evernote has a lot of potential. :)

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Robust sharing capabilities would be awesome.

In the meantime and while the awesome solution(s) are worked out...how about implementing some sort of more basic/less robust sharing capability to hold those who wish to have/use notebook sharing capabilities. I'm thinking...implement an alias logon that the notebook owner has control over? Notebook owner can assign and give out alias login credentials to the person(s) they wish to share a notebook with.

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