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Spotlight index rebuild - Evernotes lost!



I recently erased and rebuilt the Spotlight index on my Mac. After reindexing was finished, the Evernote data that had been there before was now missing. Spotlight found content from all the other document types, but not from Evernotes as it had before.

Then I noticed that if I modified a note, it reappeared in the index and Spotlight found the note again.

I looked in the Evernote preferences for a command to force a reindex for all of my notes, but didn't find any. Finally, I decided to go through all my notes, one by one, and make a minor modification to each.

I only had a couple dozen notes, so this wasn't an unreasonable effort. If I'd have hundreds or even more, it would be a nightmare taking hours or days to complete. Also the trick isn't perfect, because it messes the modification time for each note.

It looks like Evernote doesn't expose the database contents when Spotlight crawler is performing a rescan. I think this a major flaw and should be fixed. Alternatively, there should be a command in the client to force a Spotlight reindex.

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Today I noticed that I have nearly the same problem. Via Spotlight search no Evernote content is found. Absolutely nothing.

After that i rebuild the Spotlight Index but didn't fix it.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. It was a clean installation, no update.

Using Evernote 3.3.0.

Hope to get some help.

Thx in advance.

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I also recently noticed that when using Spotlight no Evernote notes are showing in the search results. I believe Spotlight stopped indexing my Evernote database when I upgraded to the latest version of Evernote from the App Store - 3.3.0 (300201). Prior to the recent Evernote update I was able to use Spotlight to search for Evernote notes.

I did try making Spotlight re-index my entire hard drive, but after the re-indexing Evernote data is still not showing up in Spotlight results. I miss this capability as I used Spotlight frequently to find Evernote notes.

Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion

Evernote 3.3.0 (300201)

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I'd suggest that you grab the latest version from Evernote rather than using the App store version. This may not fix your specific issue (open a support case), but it seems that the App Store rules are going to force Evernote to cripple their software.

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I had the same problem.  After upgrade, all my notes are there but my search index is hosed.  I signed up for premium membership as a thank you to Evernote for making a great product, then asked for some support.  No word yet on how to restore my search index... not a good sign.  Let us know about a planned solution for this guys.  This is obviously a problem for lots of people, and honestly, it should not be that hard to solve programatically.  Get a fix version out for evernote, supply a re-index feature... something... throw us a bone.

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