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(Archived) Recurring Bug in EN (Dragging Files to Desktop)


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I'm using version (194665) Public right now, but the issue has plagued me for at least 6 months through a couple of versions. Oh, and I'm using Windows Xp SP2 (at work) with dual monitors. This bug seems to only occur on my secondary monitor, not my primary display.

Let's say I have a note that contains a screenshot or picture. If I drag the picture to the desktop it works fine, but sometimes it leaves a ghost-like image on my desktop that won't go away. I say ghost like because you can see through it - it's transparent. It's usually the green Evernote logo (icon), but sometimes it's a picture of the note itself.

Once this ghost-like image appears on my secondary display, it sits there all day long and stays on top of whatever window I'm working in. The only way to get it to go away is to restart my computer.

Anyone else experience behaviour like this?

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I have seen this too. the thumbnail that appears when dragging a note stays, and is not removed...which is really annoying.

I my experience, it happens when you drag the note past the left hand edge of the EN main window to the desktop. Since the thumbnail appears down and right from the cursor, it ends up over the EN window still.

Some observations:

-Ensuring that the logo thumbnail is past the EN window seems to prevent it happening for me

-If it does happen, Repeating the process and releasing the mouse over the title (which produces the no entry sign - any other area that does the same seems to work) causes the old, persistent one to be removed.

Evernote for Windows (205835) Prerelease

Win 7 64bit


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