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(Archived) Evernote for Android 3.4 Beta 1


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Hi All,

We've just published a new update for Android, version 3.4 beta1 (revision 208922).

2 new features in this update to make sharing notes easier, clearer and give you more control:

- Notebook list improvement:

You can now see the status of your notebooks (shared / public / offline) directly from the list, so it is easier to manage them.

We also made the notebook options button visible from the list to improve the discovery of the feature.

- Note sharing improvement:

You can now activate and deactivate the note sharing, so you have a better control over how your notes are shared on the internet.

We separated the sharing options (URL) from the sending options (copy of the note) to make it clearer.

Please give it a try and let us know if you have any issue.


2 new features coming up very soon.


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Thanks for the update - I downloaded it earlier when my phone showed the "new update available" alert, but I actually got two downloads. 208922 downloaded, then I also got 207341 (which is the version I am already running) -again. And I just opened evernote to check that version number and my phone downloaded another copy... :)

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I've decided to test out the beta. A few questions. Is there any faq, stuff like that for the beta, like a link. Can't seem to find it.

Will this interfere with the already installed evernote?

Does it use the same sd card storage location?

Will Uninstall the app delete all note daya

The same above but with logging off?

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