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(Archived) idea: Create photo album (or just nicely formatted photos) in Evernote using AppleScript




Since like to have some photos stored in Evernote as a part of a diary, but never liked the bulky way Evernote presents the photos in a note, I am in progress of creating an AppleScript that can take photos and format them nicely (HTML) and store them in a Note.

In case other people might be interested too, here are my ideas so far, and please let me know if you'd like to see other functionality:

* Name of notebook can be configured

* Photos are added to a note named after the text in the Headline metadata tag (I use this because I use this field to group photos together, like "Summer vacation 2011"). If the tag is not present, the note will be named YYYY-MM-DD after the photo capture date

* If the note named as above already exists, the current photo will be added to that note. Otherwise a new note will be created

* All tags in all photos in a note will be added to the note (i.e If two photos tagged "tag1" and "tag2" are added to the same note, the note will get both tags "tag1" and "tag2".

* The photo's Description/Caption is extracted and can be added to the note (depending on the html you use)

* The same goes for the photo's Title

* The html to use for the photo can be stored in the script but a separate script than the main logic. By doing this, you can easily add different html-templates using the same main logic.

* The create-timestamp of the note will be the same as for the first photo added to the note

I set the script as an export action in Lightroom, so I can export photos directly from Lightroom into Evernote :) But you can of course use drag/drop, folder actions etc.

See some examples here (since I'm no HTML expert, all use the same html template). Press the detail button to see more info.




Let me know if you have any ideas or if this is something you would like to get when it's done.


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